Seth MacFarlane to Reboot The Flintstones

The creator of such legendary shows as Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show is going to be rebooting a famous cartoon favorite, The Flintstones. Fox has announced that the first episode will be premiering in 2013.

Not much is known about the reboot, but we can guarantee that if Seth MacFarlane is involved, it is going to be hilarious. The concept of taking a classic cartoon and creating a relevant and modern adaptation from it, will be difficult, but i have hope in Seth MacFarlane as he has rarely let me down. As far as who will be playing the voices of each character, it is a little too early to tell. Will Seth use his own voice, as he does for many characters in his current television shows? Or he will hire the original voices?

This seems to be stirring up a lot of hype, and for good reason. Directors are starting to reboot classic movies, why not do the same for classic cartoons? It seems to be a new wave of entertainment as Nickelodeon is also rebooting some classic cartoons. Its nice that these big wigs in entertainment are starting to finally listen to the fans, and I think The Flintstones reboot is just what we need to get things rolling!

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