Netflix Weekly Picks – 5-23-11

WWII in HD – The History Channel presents this epic documentary that chronicles thedeeply personal stories of soldiers, sailors, journalists, nurses and others who served in the front lines of the European and Pacific theaters of World War II. Weaving hours of rare, pristinely restored color footage with diaries, interviews and other first-hand accounts, this series recounts the global sweep of the war as experienced by those who were there.

America: The Story of Us -Experience American history like never before with this television miniseries that highlights such momentous events as the arrival of the Pilgrims, the American Revolution, the Civil War and the incredible lunar landing. Narrated by Liev Schreiber, this comprehensive look into the true character of the United States and its people interweaves cutting-edge animation, insightful interviews and dramatic re-creations.

Mr.Bean: The Whole BeanFunnyman Rowan Atkinson stars as the incorrigible Mr. Bean, a mischievous yet clueless clown dubbed “the most embarrassing man on the planet,” in this anthology that includes all 14 hilarious episodes of the sketch television series. Turning everyday tasks into disasters, Mr. Bean finds himself at the dentist’s office, going to school and more. Special features include previously unseen sketches and a segment about the character’s creation.

Stan Lee’s SuperhumansCo-hosted by comic book icon Stan Lee and the oddly gifted Daniel Browning Smith — one of the world’s most pliable men — this History Channel series spotlights an ever-changing lineup of seemingly ordinary people with superhuman powers.

Frontline: Revolution in Cairo -Frontline dispatches teams to Cairo, going inside the youth movement that helped light the fire on the streets. Follow the “April 6th” group, which two years ago began making a bold use of the Internet for their underground resistance, tactics that led to jail and torture for many of their leaders. Now, starting with the “Day of Rage,” we witness those same leaders plot strategy to try to bring down President Mubarak.

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