New Patch and DLC for Mortal Kombat on the Way!

NetherRealm Studios has heard the voices of their Kombatants and are going to release a new patch and some downloadable content that is going to hopefully going to “nerf”  few characters. For one, Scorpion, Cyrax and Shang Tsung are just a few fighters that will hopefully be balanced out by the patch. There is also going to be some new download content in the form of “free goodies” that is going to be accessible when the patch drops. Maybe NetherRealm will give us a new character? A new stage? More Fatalities?! MORE X-RAY?!

I really enjoy the new X-ray feature used in this entry of the Mortal Kombat video game franchise. The mechanic is the first for the series and I am really happy about the way that it flows within the gameplay. Nothing like watching someone’s skull rupture when you punch them in the face.

If you haven’t played this game and you enjoy playing arcade-style fighting games, you’re missing out on all the pwnage. Check out episode 3 of the Epic Brew Podcast where I discuss my hands-on experience with Mortal Kombat.

3 Comments New Patch and DLC for Mortal Kombat on the Way!

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