Epic Brew Podcast episode 3 – “Comfort Food and Nerd Bumps”

DOWNLOAD HERE – Epic Brew episode 3 “Comfort Food and Nerd Bumps”

Movies – We discuss the Transformers franchise and H3lmz gives us his review of Thor.

Video Games – We go over Rockstar’s upcoming game, L.A. Noire, and talk about the newest installment of the Mortal Kombat series.

IGN’s Interview with the developers on the X-Ray mode.

News – Pandora has added the ability to listen to thousands of comedy routines from hundreds of comedians, we let you in on who are some of our favorite comedians.

And as usual, we end the show with some Family Guy/Star Wars trivia.

What you heard within the episode:

OminousVoice’s Transformers Theme Orchestrated Cover (YouTube)

L.A. Noir Gameplay Trailer 2 (YouTube)

Pablo Francisco talks about Heavy Metal Bands (YouTube) <- This is the full version, only a clip was used. NSFW.

Louis C.K. talks about getting old (YouTube) <- Again, this is the full version, only a clip was used in the show. NSFW.

Peter Griffin hums John Williams’ Star Wars theme, leading into Star Wars/Family Guy trivia.

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