Details Emerge About Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

-) Revelations will feature Ezio having flashbacks to Altair’s memories (The protagonist of the first Assassin’s Creed) and Altair will be playable in these flashbacks.
-) Ezio will be old enough to apply for AARP, as Ubisoft has revealed that Ezio will be over 50 years old. This may break the record for oldest playable character in recent memory. Comment below if you can think of anyone older.
-) Ezio will have a grappling hook, akin to the hook-shot in the Zelda games. And yes, you will be able to “Scorpion” enemies closer, before killing them.
-) Ezio is able to craft bombs now. I think I’m looking forward to this mechanic the most.
-) The “Eagle Vision” mechanic has been revamped into “Eagle Sense” which acts like a foresight mode and allows you to see the estimated path of a certain character, allowing you to plan an ambush more efficiently.
-) The Assassin leveling mechanic has been bumped up to 15.
-) Ubisoft claims multiplayer is in Revelations, but they’re focusing more on the single-player narrative, as it is more important in this series.

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