Portal 2 Action Figures

Designer, Chris Hooton, has created these custom Portal 2 figures. Hooton is known for making some of the most detailed customized action figures one can find.

Besides these Portal 2 figures, Hooton has made figures from Starcraft, Iron Man, Dead Space, District 9, The Matrix, and many more.

Check out his website Sabertooth’s Workshop and check out what he has for sale!

6 Comments Portal 2 Action Figures

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  2. Matthew Taylor

    These are amazing you should really make a load of these and sell them online, i would definitely buy these you should also put them up for individual sale for half the price each that would be good! Great job.

    1. H3rcules

      I don’t actually make these. Click the link to go to the artist’s website who designed them.
      I’m pretty sure he only made these two, with no intention to sell, so I don’t think you’ll be able to buy them.


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