New U.S. Bank Note Designs by Dowling Duncan

These new bills, designed by Dowling Duncan and found on designboom, are a pretty refreshing change to what we are currently using today. All of the portraits on the bills have been changed and feature iconic American designs. Duncan decided to go for a vertical layout rather than the traditional horizontal-style to give the bills a fresher look. My favorite aspect about the new design is how he color-coordinated the bills:

$1 – Obama, posted up lol.
$5 – Reppin’ those Native Americans with a Tipi on it. (Pink. Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but hey…. )
$10 – The Bill Of Rights.
$20 – 20th Century America.
$50 – Eagle. Just straight awesomeness.
$100 – First 100 days of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Term. “Doin’ Werk.”

The $1 bill would more than likely feature the current President, and not President Obama forever. The value of circulating bills would remain the same, but new bills would be issued for new Presidents.

I think that it is certainly time to change the way our currency looks, as it has largely remained the same since the early 20th century. That stale green color is getting old. I can only see one problem with these new bills: counterfeiting could be an issue as the designs are simplistic enough to easily replicate.

Duncan created these bills in response to the “Dollar ReDe$ign Project” hosted by graphic artist Richard Smith in May of 2009.

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