The Self-Defense Nightstand

Who needs a gun when you could have a badass club and shield nightstand?

This self proclaimed weapon-table does it all! It holds your drinks, gives a stable surface for your phone and alarm clock, and it even can pummel your fiercest foe. While in defense mode, you can use this contraption to fend off burglers, or to harass your drunk friends.

Unfortunately, this item does not seem to be for sale at The Function Key, which is where it debuted. I really wanted to get one of these as soon as i saw it, but the process in purchasing this seems to be a mystery. It may be fake and it may be real, all I know, is that its Epic.

2 Comments The Self-Defense Nightstand

  1. Pojut

    DO WANT! Our neighbors do fencing in their freetime, and to keep up on their practice they have a variety of Nerf and other brand soft swords in their apartment. They would go bonkers over something like this.

    1. h3rcules

      Yea, H3lmz couldn’t find where to buy it, unfortunately, so we imagine it’s just really cool concept art.
      On a side note, though, your neighbors sound really epic!


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