Epic Brew Podcast episode 1 “The Gas Master”

We kick off our first episode of The Epic Brew Podcast by talking about:

Movies –
Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer
Cowboys and Aliens trailer
Preview of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit

Television –
The Walking Dead season 1
A Game of Thrones

Gaming –
The Next Nintendo Console?
Video Game Music to be Recognized at the Grammys
The Humble Bundle charity game pack
10 Minute Preview of Battlefield 3

Star Wars and Family Guy trivia!

DOWNLOAD MP3 FILE HEREhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/swhu6yub804j9v2/EpicBrew1.mp3

3 Comments Epic Brew Podcast episode 1 “The Gas Master”

  1. Da-Chief

    hey man, Get ahold of me and I will show you how to use RSS for ITUNES etc.. I think your download host might turn quite a few folks off for your MP3 file as it throws all kinds of ads at you etc prior to download.

    Let me know.. Just email me.

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