Next Nintendo Console to be Revealed at E3 2011

GameInformer has announced that their staff has confirmations from various sources that claim Nintendo will officially announce  their next console at this years E3.

The console is to be Nintendo’s first HD system, bumping them a generation behind their competition, due to the Wii’s lack of HD support. However, Nintendo was almost a console ahead of the competition with motion-based gaming, as both Sony and Microsoft waited nearly to the end of the current generation’s life span before implementing an element of motion-based gaming.

This announcement comes on the heels of an earlier announcement that the price of the Wii will be dropping to $150 this May.

The console is speculated to be released Winter 2012. Which, in my opinion, is a terribad time to release a console. People are already murderous in shopping centers around Christmas, the last thing they need is a console shortage, that will obviously occur.

Read the full article at GameInformer’s Website

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