Bill Hammack – The “Engineer Guy”

If Bill Nye the Science Guy blended DNA with Jamie Hyneman, the result would be Bill Hammack.

Bill Hammack has quite the collection of YouTube videos that explain how common technology works. Before you groan and scroll down to the next article, know that these videos are not the production of a nasally-sounding dude who recorded on a microphone that couldn’t filter out his breathing from his voice. These YouTube videos are of excellent quality and easy to watch, ontop of being interesting.

Bill takes stuff apart and does a really good job explaining exactly how something works, in relatively basic terms.

Some stuff Bill has done in videos: How smoke-detectors work; What is inside a golf ball, and how did it get there?; Why the other line at the grocery store seems to move faster; and what is inside your LCD monitor are just a few of the dozen or so videos Bill has up on YouTube. Click the links of any of those to be taken to the video.

Check out Bill Hammack’s page on YouTube to see the rest of his videos.

You can find out more info about Bill by visiting his main website:

Does anyone else think he looks a little like Mark Hammil?

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