Trine 2 Gameplay Trailer

Trine was in my top 5 favorite games of 2009. It was a simple puzzle-platformer that combined the usage of three characters (Warrior, Wizard, Thief) and beautiful environments to produce a very memorable, and fun, game.

Trine focused on the three characters finding the sacred relic, aptly named “Trine.” The relic cursed the trio, melding their spirits together and only allowing one being to exist at a time. In their search for a cure to the curse, they had to defeat monsters and overcome obstacles. It became your job to control the character and decide which of the three was best suited for the given situation. The Warrior could fight numerous enemies at once, but was very slow and couldn’t swim. The Wizard could conjure up objects to make bridges or boxes used to climb higher. And to round it out, the Thief can shoot arrows and uses her grappling hook to swing across chasms.

After the acclaim Trine generated, Frozenbyte started working on a sequel. Trine 2 will allow 3 players to cooperatively play this time around and is expected to be released later this year.

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