Daredevil Reboot Director Named

David Slade, the director of 30 Days of Night, has agreed to helm the reboot to 20th Century Fox’s Daredevil movie.

Slade is no stranger to the comic book film world, having been already considered to direct the Wolverine sequel, and was also considered for the upcoming Pride and Prejudice and Zombies film as well as the adaptation for The Hunger Games movie. Slade’s success with Twilight: Eclipse has proven that he is capable of managing a big-budget blockbuster.

Currently, Slade is in the process of filming The Last Voyage of the Demeter, a horror film about the ship tasked with carrying the coffin of Dracula from Transylvania to England, starring Jude Law, Ben Kingsly, and Noomi Rapace. Production of Daredevil would obviously only begin once Slade is finished with The Last Voyage.

Director David Slade

The previous Daredevil film, starring Ben Affleck, was met with harsh criticism and scathing reviews, and is often referenced as a joke of a film.

It came down to 20th Century Fox either continuing the Daredevil film franchise and resuming control over the franchise’s rights, or the rights of Daredevil being reverted back to Marvel/Disney. So of course, seeing the booming success of comic book based films, 20th Century Fox decided to put some more Daredevil cookie dough in the oven.

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