Assassins Creed III Might Go Ninja

Concept art or fan art, either way, I am sold and want to be a ninja in the next installment of Assassins Creed.

Sure you could argue that the modern day antagonist’s past relatives have all had European roots, but that doesn’t mean that maybe on his mothers side there was some Asian heritage down the line somewhere.

It’s an interesting idea to play around with though. Not that much of an impossibility when you figure the time periods either.

3 Comments Assassins Creed III Might Go Ninja

    1. h3rcules

      I think devs got burnt out with Ninja games on the PS2 system, it seemed like there were as many ninja games for the PS2 as there are shovelware activity games on the Wii.

      Ubisoft could do it right though, I mean, Assassins Creed is ALREADY a ninja game, it’s just not about ninjas yet. lol

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