L.A. Noire’s Motion Capture Will Stun You

L.A. Noire

Rockstar, the company behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise as well as this year’s mega-hit Red Dead Redemption, have been working on a new franchise this past year.

L.A. Noire is set to be released within the first half of 2011. The game is set in mob ridden Los Angles, circa 1947. The game has players weaving together various open-ended mysteries that are presented as the game unfolds.

Rockstar was keen on keeping the aesthetic of L.A. Noire reminiscent of the old black and white mob movies that were popular in the film noire movement.

To get the most realistic acting and animation, Rockstar needed state-of-the-art equipment that allowed them to not only record the movements of the character actors, but also record the facial movements, helping to convey emotions on a digital character. The same technique was used in James Cameron’s Avatar.

Since one of the key gameplay elements of L.A. Noire is solving mysteries, the advanced facial recording ability will lend a hand to you figuring out who is lying to you and who is telling the truth.

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